Golfview Hills Park District

Formed in 1969, The Golfview Hills Park District (GHPD) has jurisdiction over these parcels of land: Armstrong Woods, The Prairie, Bonertz Park and the majority of Wiseman Park.   Our mission is twofold: To maintain open space for the enjoyment of our residents and to provide and organize recreational activities for all age groups.  An elected board of five Commissioners conducts the business of the Park District. The Commissioners serve four-year terms and must reside within the district.  Park District Board meetings are held monthly on the second Thursday of most months at Indian Prairie Public Library at 6:00 pm. See webpage for exact dates.

If you want to hold an event in one of the GHPD parks, please contact one of the GH Park District Board commissioners to make a reservation.

Golfview Hills Park District Board
President: Anthony Maggiore
Vice President: Ron Stavinga
Treasurer: Peter Andrews
Secretary:  Roger Clemens
Commissioner:  Stan Jaworski

Meeting Notes

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PD Meeting Agenda
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GHPD Budget, Appropriation Ordinance and Levy Ordinance Information

These are available for public review and comment. The FY 2024 Proposed Budget and Ordinances will be reviewed at the  October Meeting and formally adopted at the November Meeting.

FY 2022:  Click Here
FY 2023:  Click Here
FY 2024-Proposed Budget:  Click Here
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Each home may be reimbursed for up to $50 in the calendar year for expenses incurred when participating in a neighboring Park District activity or library system. Your request for reimbursement must be submitted no later than the end of January of the following year. The original receipt must be turned in with the reimbursement form found here:

Golfview-Hills-Park-District-Reimbursement Form

Please use the Golfview Hills Park District Post Office Box for all submittals:
Golfview Hills Park District
P.O. Box 203
Clarendon Hills, Illinois 60514


Exciting Changes to Golfview Hills Parks

Wiseman Park - Bocce Ball Court Resurfacing

The 2 bocce ball courts in Wiseman Park were in bad shape. Uneven grasses, weeds and bare spots really restricted enjoyable bocce ball play. The surfaces have been replaced with pulverized granite which should even out the playing field and greatly improve the players enjoyment of the game. Please join the weekly bocce ball informal gatherings in Wiseman Park on Monday nights (look for signs) at 6 pm. Share some snacks and adult beverages while challenging your neighbors to a bocce ball match (June 1 through September 30). 

Click to See Pictures Here 

Prairie Park - Community Children's Painted Rock Garden

A joint project with the Golfview Hills Women’s Club a new rock garden was installed at the north end of the Prairie. Youths from the community painted dozens of rocks on Earth Day in April. These memory rock collections now have a home in the new rock garden. Please have your children and grandchildren create more memory rock paintings during the upcoming Independence Day event on Sunday July 2nd in Zimmerman Park.   

Click here for the Painted Rock Garden

Bonertz Park - Here’s to Your Health!

The Golfview Hills Park District is pleased to announce the opening of new fitness equipment. 

New Fitness Equipment has been installed by the walking trail in Bonertz Park (at the north end of Jackson Street.) There are terrific views of the lake while you work out. Try them out and start a regular exercise routine. Instructions for each of the pieces are listed on the equipment. Additional information on each of the 3 pieces of equipment can be found by clicking on the link below.   

Info on Fitness Equipment Click Here

Prairie Restoration Project

Prairie Restoration Project – 1973 to Present.  The Golfview Hills Park District (GHPD) has an ongoing project to restore the prairie. Part of the program is to occasionally conduct a controlled burn of the prairie, along with trail maintenance, drainage management and tree trimming services. The “Prairie” on Jackson Street in the southwest end of Golfview Hills is a small remnant of the lands that originally covered 95% of Illinois. There are many initiatives across the State to restore prairies to more natural status. Why are prescribed burns conducted? Fire prevents brush and trees from overtaking the prairie, prevents build-up of dead vegetation that encourages weeds and retards new growth, and improves habitat for prairie birds, mammals, and butterflies, many of them endangered. Upon completion of burn, GHPD spreads milkweed and other native prairie seeds to attract more butterflies and bees which will help maintain a healthier ecosystem.


Original History Beginning in 1974   Click Here
Further Work in 2003:   Click Here
Photos of the 2022 Prairie Burn:   Click Here
Details on the 2023 Prescribed Prairie Burn: Click Here